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Service and Repair Policy

All services and products are provided by Wolfe's. Jostens should not be contacted for their services.

Equipment which is defective or requires service will fall into one of three categories: an initial defect, a repair under warranty, or a repair out of warranty.

Initial Defect: This occurs when you first use your new equipment and discover it does not work. When you receive a new piece of gear, check it out immediately. You can only claim an initial defect for the first fourteen days after you receive the equipment. If you do find a problem, call or write Wolfe's Camera. Give them your job number (the one used with your yearbook program), Wolfe's six digit number on your packing slip, and a description of the problem. Wolfe's will give you return instruction and will ship a replacement product to you.

Repair Under Warranty: If your equipment should stop working, it will be repaired free of charge under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty. Most items are warranted for one year. Promaster lenses carry a limited lifetime guarantee. Note that all warranties are void if the equipment has been dropped, abused or had liquids spilled on or in it and you will be charged for the repair cost. Before assuming equipment is broken, first check the battery (test). If this does not solve the problem, return the equipment for service by one of the following options.

    Option 1: Look up the repair station address supplied in the instruction book and send it directly to them along with an explanation of the problem. The advantage of this option is time saved in shipping, as opposed to returning it to Wolfe's or Jostens, who will send the unit on to the manufacturer for you.

    Option 2: Ship the unit directly to Wolfe's for service. Wolfe's will see that proper repairs are made and the unit is returned safely. This normally takes 7 to 14 days longer than a direct return to the manufacturer (option 1)

Repair Extended Warranty (Mack)

How to Register
The service contract must be purchase within 30 days from the date the equipment covered hereunder is purchased. You must register this Service Contract within thirty (30) days of purchase with Mack Camera by visiting them at www.mackcam.com or call their toll free number 800-252-MACK (6225) or 973-467-2291.

How to Obtain Service
In the event that the equipment requires any repair or service you must visit www.wackcam.com to obtain a Repair Authorized Number and current shipping charges. If you have any questions please feel free to visit www.mackcam.com or call their toll free number 800-252-MACK (6225).

These steps must be done by the end user. Wolfe's cannot do these for you.

Repair Out of Warranty: If the unit is past the factory warranty or has been damaged, it falls into this classification. The unit may be shipped to Wolfe's for service. Repairs out of warranty will be billed to you. Estimates of repair costs are available, but delay the return of equipment up to six extra weeks. Unless you request an estimate, we will fix and bill you without one if the repair will be less than 1/2 the replacement cost. If the cost to repair is found to be higher than 1/2 its cost, we will mail you an estimate. Repairs requiring estimates can only be completed after we receive your signed approval.

when corresponding or returning merchandise for service:

  1. Name and full street address with ZIP code (UPS cannot return items to a post office box).
  2. Telephone number during working hours.
  3. Your Jostens job number.
  4. Six digit number from Wolfe's packing slip (not mandatory, but helpful).
  5. A brief description of the equipment problem. If applicable, you might send sample negatives illustrating defect.

Should you call, have the information ready, and ask for the Jostens service representative.

Contacts at Wolfe's:

Brad Schlyer, Account Manager
Mike Worswick, CEO

Wolfe's Cameras, Camcorders & Computers
635 Kansas Avenue, Box 1437
Topeka, KS 66601

Phone: (785) 235-1386
Fax: (785) 235-2810
E-mail: jostens@wolfes.com
Web: www.wolfes.com


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